Spring fun

Have fun with scraps of wood, paper and paint - and a few basic power tools - and start crafting fun decor for your home.




Block of pine (150 x 250mm)
Wrapping paper
Modpodge or acrylic sealer
120- and 240-grit sandpaper
Drill-Driver and 6mm wood bit
Printer vinyl and PC - or black marker pen
Soft sponge






1. Cut a piece of wrapping paper for the front and back of the block, as well as different coloured wrapping paper for the flowers and leaves.

2. Use Modpodge or acrylic sealer on the back of the wrapping paper and apply to the front and back of the block. Use a soft sponge to carefully remove any bubbles from under the paper. Let dry

3. Sand the edges around the paper, first with 120-grit and then with 240-grit.

4. Drill 4 holes into the top of the block. You don't need to measure - guessing adds a personal touch of imperfection!

5. Tie a fat ribbon around the block and top off with a pretty bow-knot.

6. If you are using a PC, print out your wording on self-adhesive vinyl and stick this onto the front of the block, or use a black marker pen to add your wording.