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Spray paint my kitchen blinds

I have these plastic blinds in my kitchen. They're great because they are easy to keep clean - I pop them into the bathtub with some handy andy to soak and then rinse them clean. But over time they do become dull and grungy and rather than replace them I decided to see how they would look with some spray paint.


Using Rust-Oleum Gloss Apple Red spray paint, the newly painted blind looks great in the kitchen. The glossy red really adds nice colour to what was previously a bland wall.





You will need to give your blinds a good soaking and wipe clean before you spray them. Make sure they are dry and completely free of grime and dust, otherwise this will show up once sprayed.

Using some string, I tied the blind onto my washing line. I thought this would be the best place to hang the blind so that it would be easy to spray from all directions. As you finish, you can easily move the string along at the top and fill in the blank spots.

What's nice about using Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint for the blinds is that it comes in so many colours and is so easy to use. Shake the can well and then hold from a distance of no less than 30cm away to avoid spraying on too thick. You only need a light spray over the front for the first coat and then do the same at the back. Once the first coat is dry you can apply a second coat.

Two coats should be more than sufficient to cover the blind. On the left you can see the light first coat at the bottom, and how the second coat of spray paint completely covers the slats. If you spray on too much paint you could end up with sticky, globby paint that won't look good.

Here's a close up of the blind that has been painted. I love the bright red colour and, if you remember, I have one wall in the kitchen that is a bright red perspex (behind the hob) and the red blinds look great with this. Definitely going to be painting the other blind to match. Just waiting for a nice sunny day with not too much wind.