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A special Christmas

Don't settle for store bought ornaments when you can create a tradition by using clear baubles each year and filling them with lasting memories.

Jenny over at Simcoe Street came up with the lovely idea of cutting out strips from invitations and celebrations and placing them in transparent baubles for the Christmas tree. I thought that this would be a great way to kick-start a family tradition, by writing and printing out events that happened during the year, to build up a Christmas tree full of memories. Each special bauble is then glittered with the year.

Start by writing down, printing out, or cutting into strips the memories that you want to place in your special bauble. The strips don't all have to be the same size - some can be wider than others.

Wrap all the strips around a skewer, or something small, so that you can remove the top from the bauble and push in the strips. Once the are inside, they pop open to reveal just a hint of what's written on the strip.


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