Create a shabby chic headboard

Can’t find the perfect headboard or don’t want to spend the cash? Follow these steps and design a shabby chic headboard for a more casual look. Upholstered headboards can be expensive, but we can help you create your own headboard on the cheap.



Grain sacks, hemp, or fabric of choice
Medium-weight batting
Staple gun and staples
Sharp scissors
Craft knife






1. Design your own cardboard pattern and use a pencil to trace its outline onto the chipboard. Flip the pattern as desired, creating convex and concave curves. Use a jigsaw to cut the chipboard along the pencil line with a craft knife.

Staple batting overlay onto the insulation board using an industrial strength staple gun. Cut away excess batting.

Spread fabric across the chipboard and batting. Start with the left portion of the headboard and staple fabric to the back of the chipboard. Pull fabric taut and then staple fabric to the right side of the back of the chipboard.

Note: If the pattern involves curves, first cut 5cm slits into the fabric at the board’s curves to release tension.

Next, staple fabric to the top portion of the insulation sheathing, inserting staples into the back of the board. Pull fabric taut and repeat the procedure on the bottom portion of the insulation sheathing. Cut away excess fabric and batting with fabric shears. Lay headboard flat and iron or steam out wrinkles.