Sew easy to make your own cushions

Here's an affordable way to add a splash of colour and pattern to any room by making your own cushions. With their pretty patterned fronts and plain fabric backs, you can afford to make a selection of colourful cushions for your home.

Visit your local fabric store and choose fabrics with colours and patterns that complement your home decor. You will only need half a metre of patterned and plain liner fabric to make two beautiful cushions.


Half a metre each of patterned and plain liner fabric
Cushion inners
Sewing machine and accessories, including matching thread
Tape measure or steel ruler






Measure the size of the cushion inner and add 24mm to the height and width to allow for a 12mm hem around all the sides.
You can make a pattern out of brown paper if you plan to make a few cushions, or simply transfer the measurement directly onto the fabric to cut out the sections you will need.

Cut the front sections using patterned fabric and the backs using plain fabrics. In this way you can spend a little more on luxurious patterned fabric, simply by using plain liner fabric for the back.

Once all the front and back sections have been cut, pin these together with the top of the fabric right-side in, or facing each other.

On a sewing machine, use a running stitch to close up the top and side sections. Along the bottom edge, leave an opening approximately 10 to 12cm wide to allow insertion of the cushion inner.

Turn the cushion covers right-side out and push out the corners with a finger. Use a warm iron to press the cushion covers.

Insert the cushion inner and position nicely within the cover. To close up the opening use a needle and matching thread.