Sew a cute bunny cushion

I know it's not Easter, but I just had to share this project by Desirée from The 36th Avenue. These little bunny cushions are super easy to make.

Whether it's Easter or not, these adorable fabric bunnies are too cute not to share. This project by Desirée from The 36th Avenue shows you how to make these little bunny cushions and they are super easy to make.


Tape measure








After you cut and iron your fabric, the first thing you will need to do is to trace the shape of the bunny. My fabric was 40 x 60mm and I folded it in half. Print out or have the template on your PC screen to place the fabric over the top and trace the shape with a pencil.



With an exacto knife I carefully cut right on top of the traced shape. Make sure you put under the fabric a cutting board to protect the surface where you are working on and please be careful not to cut your fingers.



After you cut out the bunny you will have two pieces of bunny-shaped fabric.



Cut your second fabric to size and put it under the cut shape. Pin the two fabrics together so it is easier to work with as you sew them.



When I was done sewing the two pieces together I turned the pillow around and I cut away the excess blue fabric. I was almost done at this point, all I had left was to sew the other sides together and insert the pillow. Then I remembered I had the white fabric bunny cut-out. I just cut another piece of fabric, sewed it together and after I was done sewing I trimmed the extra fabric matching the shape of the original bunny.