A bed of roses

Add a fresh design to a plain headboard. Cut out a decorative headboard and finish off with a decorative painted design.


Buy a piece of PG Bison 16mm SupaWood and have cut to the size you want for your headboard. Use a jigsaw to cut out the shape and then use the stencil below to paint on the rose design.


SupaWood headboard
240-grit sandpaper
Masking tape
Bostik spray-on adhesive
Tracing paper
Artists paintbrushes
Stencil or stippling brush
Bosch PFS spray system (PFS 2000) or painting equipment
Newspaper or drop cloth
Paint, matt - broken white
Acrylic sealer






1. Preparation
Sand the edges of the SupaWood with 240-grit sandpaper to get rid of the 'fluffy' look for a nicer painted finish. Wipe clean. Place the headboard on newspaper or a drop cloth.

2. Prime and coat
Load the Bosch PFS spray with Prominent Paints matt - broken white or cream - and let dry. Apply one more coat and let dry. The Bosch PFS allows you to use almost any paint medium to decorate surfaces without brush strokes, and makes painting surface a breeze. Do work in a well-ventilated area and protect surroundings from overspray with a drop cloth.

The PFS 2000 handheld system is ideal for small to medium spraying tasks

3. Paint the border
For the border stripe, use a pencil and ruler to mark a 10mm-wide stripe on the headboard 50mm in from the edge on all sides. If you don't feel confident enough to paint freehand, use masking tape to mask off both edges of the border. Use acrylic craft paint in your choice of colour.

4. Add the dots
Use a pencil and ruler to mark a centre line 20mm in from the edge on all sides. Dip the stencil brush into a small amount of paint and blot the excess paint onto a paper towel. Dab the stencil onto the surface to create the dots.

5. Transfer stencil
Print and enlarge the design below to the desired size and trace onto tracing paper. Transfer the pattern to the headboard.

6. Painting the design
Use the images above for the colours to use for your rose design and finish off with two coats of acrylic sealer, letting dry between coats.