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Renew old furniture with Rust-Oleum

Rust-Oleum UltraCover 2X spray paint is not your regular spray paint. Rust-Oleum takes the pain out of painting and is a cost effective way of creatively renovating a wide variety of objects to decorate and refresh a bedroom for a little girl. We teamed up with Plascon Double Velvet for a total refreshed look for any little girl's bedroom.


Rust-Oleum UltraCover 2X in satin french lilac, satin summer squash and satin strawflower give this bedroom fresh, flowery appeal. Using Rust-Oleum to update furniture or add a splash of colour to home interiors is simply limited by the imagination – not the budget.

The Rust-Oleum range includes a wide spectrum of beautiful colours as well as decorative metallic and hammered finishes to mimic a handcrafted textured look.





Rust-Oleum spray paints make it so quick and easy to achieve an as-new finish on a variety of furniture and accessories. Transform a dark wood desk with Rust-Oleum 2X in gloss - key lime and pair this up with satin sweet pea.

Paint walls with Plascon Double Velvet in Lemon Bubble Y6-A2-1 or Citrus Breeze Y6-A1-4.

Paint it pink with Rust-Oleum UltraCover 2X in satin - sweet pea. The unique spray tip design on every can of Rust-Oleum means there's no more waiting for the top of the object to dry before turning it over to paint underneath. Objects can be sprayed from any angle in a continuous stream of mist without needing to stop and start. Spray painting with Rust-Oleum delivers a fade and chip resistant, smooth, even finish without marks or streaks often encountered from brush-on paints.

Secondhand finds or hand-me-downs can be transformed in an instant with a can or two of Rust-Oleum UltraCover 2X spray paint. In this delightful cottage bedroom we spray painted a vintage iron bed with satin - sweet pea, as well as the wardrobe doors and woven baskets. The walls were painted with Plascon Double Velvet in G5-B2-2 Cape May to provide a washable finish that is easy to keep clean.