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Revamp chipped and scratched outdoor containers and pots

Almost finished renovating my outdoor area and it's only furniture and accessories that still need to be made, sourced or revamped. I have plenty of garden containers and pots lying around, but most are chipped or scratched and desperately in need of TLC. To make a feature I used Rust-Oleum Universal oil-rubbed bronze spray paint to spruce up a couple of pots.


These aloes are just the thing for creating a stunning feature. I managed to get a nice selection in the garden section at my local Builders. They have a varied selection of indigenous plants and succulents that are great if you don't have a green thumb, or if you don't have enough time to regularly water the garden.





Before you start spraying the containers they need to be clean, so wipe them down with a cloth to remove any dirt and dust.

If you need to repair any chips - quite a few of my pots have missing corners and missing chips here and there - use Alcolin RepairitQuik epoxy putty.

Shake the can well before you spray and apply light, even coats - allowing the first coat to dry before applying the next coat. You can use the Universal range at any angle, which makes it easy to spray on the inside around the rim. Once dry you are ready to pot up and enjoy your revamp garden containers or pots.