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Painted potted herbs

I am trying to become more self-sufficient at home by growing my own salad veggies and herbs. An arrangement of potted herbs always looks nice in the kitchen, especially if you have a long windowsill where they can be put on display. Paint the pots and add name tags for a decorative display.

Pop into your local Builders store and buy either plastic or clay pots. You need pots that have a tray that fits underneath to collect excess water if you plan on placing these on a windowsill. Spray both the outside of the pots and the trays with a couple of coats of either Rust-Oleum 2X flat white or satin white.  Apply light even coats and let each coat dry properly before spraying on another coat.

Visit your local garden centre - or you can also buy at your nearest Builders - a selection of small-growing or compact herbs for the pots. You will also need potting soil and a small pack of vermiculite. The vermiculite aids with water retention. Choose herbs that you normally use when cooking such as Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Sage, etc. Fill the base of the sprayed pots with vermiculite and potting soil, pop in your herbs, and fill around the sides with more potting soil.





To make the labels for your painted pots use small pieces of black card and polka dot washi tape. You will find washi tape at most craft or hobby shops, or you can buy online. The washi tape should be 2 centimetres longer than your card labels. Use a white market pen or chalk pencil to write the name of each plant onto the label.

Now you have easy access to fresh herbs for your cooking and salads. Remember to water frequently and occasionally give them some organic fertiliser every month to ensure healthy growth