Quick and easy curtain topper

Looking for a quick and easy way to dress up a window - with or without curtains? Momtastic shows us how to create this stylish window treatment with fabric scraps.


Recently I came across a window treatment that I loved but was a bit too costly for my budget. When I looked closer, I thought it would be so easy to make myself at a fraction of the cost and without sewing a stitch. I already had white drapery panels on my window at home and just needed to add some interest to the top.

 I chose to use cotton duck to make my version, but you could use any fabric, felt, ribbons, or even an old pair of jeans to create this one of a kind treatment for a window. For less fraying of the fabric, choose a fabric with a tight weave. After I made the white valance above, I started playing with adding some colour to the valance and cut strips from a printed green fabric I had. When I added those strips to the all white valance it totally changed the look and added more interest and playfulness. It would be an inexpensive way to decorate a nursery or child’s room.





Step 1
Cut 60 cm long x 4 cm wide strips from fabric. You can make the strips as long or short as you like depending on the size of your window.

Step 2
Fold a strip in half and place loop end on bottom of rod, lift rod so strip is under the rod and ends are at top as shown.

Step 3
Lift loop end with one hand and thread the two ends of the strip through the loop with your other hand.

Step 3
Straighten fabric so right side of fabric is facing out, if needed use your fingers to adjust.

Step 4
Pull ends to tighten knot on rod.

For the colour version I started with a white strip and then added the green print and continued to fill the rod in this manner for more visual interest. Install curtain rod brackets on window. Place covered rod into the brackets over pre-hung drapery panels or by itself as a simple topper on a window. Fluff and arrange as needed with your fingers.