Repurpose an old drawer

If you have an old dresser or chest of drawers that is no longer of any practical value, perhaps it is made out of veneered chipboard or is beyond repair, you will probably find that the drawers can still come in useful.  Here are a few ideas for repurposing old drawers...


This first idea for repurposing old drawers is probably my personal favourite. When turned upside down, the drawers are stacked on top of each other to make a decorative lamp base. What a great way to add unique lighting a room and repurpose old drawers!




My second favourite project is to use an old drawer to make a mobile side table. All you need are some castors for the base and you can then wheel this nifty table to wherever it is needed.

We all need bathroom storage and an old drawer is turned into a practical storage shelf for bathroom essentials. With the addition of two eye-hooks and a pine dowel, a towel storage rail has been added underneath the storage cabinet.

Here's another drawer repurposed into decorative wall storage. You could also add a couple of shelves to make it even more practical for storage.



Create a unique photo gallery using small, repurposed dresser drawers. This photo gallery also serves as a place to hang jewellery.

Even drawer fronts can be repurposed for practical use. Above, a selection of different sized drawer fronts was used to make hanging racks. Love the different knobs that serve as hangers!

Put your DIY skills to good use by making a one-of-a-kind storage headboard using a combination of repurposed drawers in different sizes and shapes.




These colourful repurposed drawers serve all a display for small collectables in a kitchen or dining room. Lightly sand with 180-grit sandpaper before spraying in soft pastel colours from the Rust-Oleum 2X range of spray paints.

Kit out an old drawer with some small hooks and use for hanging jewellery. Small china bowls on the bottom of the drawer are perfect for smaller items of jewellery.

A flat drawer is put to good use and repurposed into a coffee tray. A quarter-round trim was added around the base of the drawer.

Make a pretty display on your patio or in the garden with repurposed drawers turned into attractive plant boxes. Mount the drawers onto a backing board, which can then be mounted onto the wall. You will need to drill holes in the base of the drawers to allow for drainage. Or keep the plants in their pots and add a tray inside the base to collect water runoff.

Another way to create a unique container for plants or herbs is to stain drawers in different colours and stack them on top of each other.

The space under a bed normally goes to waste, so repurposing old drawers by adding castors is a great way to put this space to good use.

You will find a selection of small to large castors at your local Builders Warehouse and these can easily be added to the underside of repurposed drawers for underbed storage.

While this may not be an old drawer, it's definitely repurposed. Simply by turning the drawer upside down and re-fitting the drawer sliders, you can use the drawer as an additional tabletop where space is limited.

You always need storage space in a craft or hobby room, so why not repurpose old drawers into storage shelves. Vintage cabinet drawers are sanded and painted and mounted onto a wall to provide easy access to craft supplies.

You will find plenty of ideas on the Internet for repurposing an old drawer into a dog bed. Add feet or legs to the base and kit out the dog bed with a comfortable cushion.