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Easy ideas for greeting cards & gift tags

Considering how much you have to spend these days on greeting cards, it makes sense to recycle old greeting cards, repurpose them in other ways, or even make your own greeting cards. With Christmas just around the corner let's look at some great ways to recycle old Christmas cards, or make affordable Christmas cards.

Spotted on Pininterest, these homemade Christmas cards consist of white and coloured card, a cut piece of paper doily, a few small buttons and a quick zip on the sewing machine.

If, like me, you have a tendency to hoard paint swatches, these can be turned into colourful Christmas cards. Add a few embellishments and some ribbon and you can create very affordable and unique Christmas or greeting cards.

Another creative way to make your own Christmas or greeting cards is to use coloured buttons. You can now buy these in colour-sorted packs at many craft and hobby stores, and they don't cost anywhere near as much as buying a printed card.

Transform cheap, plain manilla gift tags with a few buttons and some colourful ribbon. You can design your gift tags for any occasion.

Recycled Christmas or greeting cards make a wonderful wreath for hanging as part of your indoor decor. Use a craft punch to cut out all the circles, or any other shape you like.

Add these pretty cone Christmas trees to your festive table. Cut the cards into half-circles, fold and tape the ends together. You can add a decorative edge with a pair or scissors or craft punch.

These crafty Christmas cones look charming on the Christmas tree. Use a styrofoam egg shape as the base and hot glue the cut shapes onto this, building up from the bottom to the top.

Cut up old Christmas or greeting cards to make your own gift tags. Instead of trying to wrap up a bottle of wine - not easy! - add a gift tag instead.

These handmade Christmas ornaments are made with old greeting cards by Nicole via Scoutie Girl. As an alternative to throwing away your old greeting cards, here's a way to make a lovely keepsake ornament out of them.


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