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Use a Dremel MultiTool to make Pysanka (lace) eggs

I have been having so much fun using my Dremel MultiTool to make Pysanka (lace eggs). Our Christmas tree was decorated with a variety of lace eggs and I included a hole at the back of the eggs, so that they could be placed close to the lights for a colourful effect. 


Before you start you need to blow out the eggs. To do this, use your Dremel MultiTool and #7103 engraving bit. Make a hole at the top and bottom of the egg. Use a toothpick to puncture the egg yolk and then blow. Have a container handy to hold the egg yolks - you can use this for baking or scrambled eggs! Rinse out with water and let the eggs dry before you continue. I usually keep the cardboard container. It's handy for drying out the eggs and for holding them while I work.

Use a pencil to draw your design onto the egg. As I mentioned above, keeping the container is handy for holding the eggs in place.

Using your Dremel MultiTool and engraving bit you can now start cutting out the design. After the first couple of tries you will quickly know how much pressure (very little) needs to be applied to create a hole.

I used a large and small engraving bit to vary the design on the front of the eggshell. The more holes you make - the larger the holes - the more care you need to prevent the shell from cracking. If you are new to making lace eggs, keep the design simple to start off with.

Here is my completed lace egg. Rather than have too many holes, I also used the Dremel MultiTool and engraving bit to add a detail on the surface of the egg.

At the back of the egg, use your Dremel MultiTool to mark out an area to be removed. Go over this a few times with the engraving bit until it starts to break away. You can clean up the edges with a light stroke.

To hang the lace egg onto the Christmas tree I took apart some old jewellery that I had. You can also use thin gauge wire to make up a hanger. Here is the finished lace egg. I applied one coat of acrylic sealer (ModPodge) to give it a glossy finish and used my Dremel Hot Glue Gun to secure the hanger to the top of the egg.


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