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Protea place holders for a special table

These beautiful card proteas look complicated but are actually quite simple to make. Make your flowers using card stock or paper in pretty colours and then use them as place holders or as elegant decorations for a special table setting.


Cut out all the pieces that you will need to assemble your protea. Note that the three strips of petals vary in size and leaf depth. Starting with the centre, overlap the petals and glue the edges carefully so that there is still equal space between each petal. Overlap the petals and hold until secure.

With an open pair of scissors, curl each of the remaining strips of petals. Take the tallest strip of petals and glue them to the centre and then repeat this for the medium and smallest strip of petals, offsetting each strip.

Your circle petals will need to be pressed into your hand so that they curl upwards and don’t stick straight up when you glue them to the base.

Once that part is glued, you can put on the finishing touch - the leaf! You may need to shape the petals a bit with your hand so they don’t just lie flat- you want them to curl up to meet the other petals. You can play with the petals at this point to have them stick out or stay close to the centre.

You can purchase a PDF cutting diagram for this project here.


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