Make a pom-pom trimmed throw

It's hard to keep up with all the great ideas that constantly pop up. Diane at In My Own Style adds hand made pom-poms to a luxurious fur blanket to keep warm and snuggle in the colder months. And, as we head towards autumn, this is a great project to do now.





1. Diane used 4 different colours of wool and cut a piece of cardboard 10 cm square. To begin to make the pom pom, wrap your wool around the cardboard - about 30 times for each of my pom poms. If you are using only one colour wool you will have to wrap about 100 times to get a mondo size pom pom.

2.  Once the wool is wrapped around the cardboard, cut the ends and carefully remove from the cardboard.

3. Lay the wrapped wool on an 20 cm-long piece of wool and then tie it tightly around the wrapped yarn.  Make a double knot to secure.   You may want to have someone hold their finger over the knot as you tie to make sure you tie the wool on as tightly as you can.

4.  Hold the two ends of the 20 cm-long piece of wool that is wrapped around the pom pom  in one hand and place one scissor tip into the loops and start cutting the loops open.

- Do not cut off the tied 20 cm piece of yarn, keep it long.  You need these ends to tie the pom pom onto your throw -  

Once the loops are all open, give the pom pom a haircut - shaping it into a nice round shape.  You can make it small and dense or large and fluffy.

5. Diane spaced the pom poms 15 cm apart. Simply thread one of the end pieces from the 20 cm piece of wool that is tied around the pom pom into a large eye needle. Once the wool is through the edge of the throw, remove the needle and tie the pom pom on using the other tied end.  Make a few knots so you know it will be secure.