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Make a cardboard pill box

Once you have made this decorative pill box, you can use it for lotions, ointments, herbal teas, or chocolate before giving it as a gift. Once the treats are gone, your gift box becomes a beautiful pink pill box, that can be used for storage.

You will need:

White cardstock
Rice or wrapping paper
PVA glue, spray adhesive or glue stick
Dremel Hot glue gun and glue stick
Bone folder (or blunt knife edge)

Here's how:

Step 1
Start with a large piece of white cardstock and a piece of pink rice paper with embedded flower petals. Download the PDF template and enlarge.

Step 2
Affix a small strip of double-sided tape to the bottom flap - or use Sticky Dots or PVA paper glue.

Step 3
Fold the bottom flaps up and affix them to the body of the box top. These flaps will add strength and structure to the bottom edge of the box top and help keep it square.

Step 4
Once your box is creased, adhere a piece of pink rice paper or wrapping paper to it using Spray adhesive, PVA glue, or a glue stick. Finish by folding and gluing the four triangular top flaps.

Step 5
For the box bottom, cut a square of 9mm foamcore or polystyrene strip and four foamcore or polystyrene strips to form a small lip. Affix the strips using a hot-glue gun.

Step 6

As with the box top, wrap the box bottom in pink rice paper. Affix with spray adhesive, PVA glue or glue stick.

Step 7
Using a punch, cut 10 star shapes. I cut five from a dark pink and five others from a light pink sheet of paper. Using a bone creaser, crease each star down the centre and fold in half. Glue the halves together, alternating a dark star with a light star. Continue gluing stars together until all 10 are affixed. Finally, fan open and glue the last two remaining seams to the peaked top of your box top.

If you want to add a sealer to the finished box, use Prominent Paints clear acrylic sealer and a paintbrush to apply several coats, allowing sufficient drying time between each coat.


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