Decorative cushion with fabric or felt

These petal cushions from Pier 1 are just the thing for adding colour and texture to your lounge. You can use fabric or felt in colours to match your existing decor, or punch up the fun by adding bold, bright colours.

Visit your local fabric store to choose a plain fabric is glorious colours to make your petal cushion. Try to look for fabrics that don't fray easily once cut, as you want to simply cut out the shapes without having to sew around the edges. Felt works extremely well for this project and comes in a wide range of colours.

Jann at newton custom interiors designed this project to make petal cushions for her granddaughters bed. On each cushion there are 32 flowers and 5 petals in each flower, so you need a total of 160 petals.

Fold each petal in half and hand sew a couple of angled stitches across one corner. For the first layer, open out each petal.

Mark the front of the cushion with chalk dots where you would like the flowers to be placed. You can make a square or rectangular cushion cover, so space petals out nicely so they will completely fill the front. With each petal folded in half, place and sew first layer of petals.  Just add a couple of stitches at the same spot where the petal was folded.

Each complete flower has 5 petals, so continue sewing petals one layer at a time, moving around in a circle with each new layer. Open up the petals already sewn on before adding the next layer.



BELOW: After adding the second layer.

Turn the completed design inside out to sew a 12mm seam around the edges, leaving an opening for inserting the cushion inner. Snip off the corners before turning the cover right side out. Pop in your cushion inner and hand sew the opening closed.