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St Patrick's Day centrepiece

Make up a mini tabletop garden centrepiece for St Patrick's Day. This mini bouquet is set in a chic glass container and features clover and wheatgrass and cut flowers (Shasta and chamomile daisies). What a great way to dress up your St. Patty’s Day table!



Glass casserole dish or bowl
1 square of wheatgrass (to fit the glass container)
Sharp serrated knife
1/2 dozen large Shasta daisies
3 dozen small chamomile daisies
One pot of clover


Using a sharp knife, trim a square of the wheatgrass and set it in the bottom of your glass container. Snip the large and small daisies and insert them around the rim of the container to create a halo of blooms. (The moisture from the wheatgrass will keep the daisies fresh.) To complete the arrangement, press a pot of clover into the middle of the wheatgrass.


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