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Make your own unique and colourful business cards

When setting up a home or small business, having business cards printed is the first thing you do, or should do. This project shows how you can transform plain printed business cards (on the cheap) into colourful creations.


Before you can add colour you need to dampen a batch of business cards. Wrap a couple of elastic bands around one end of the cards - not too tight as you don't want the business cards to bend or be damaged. Soak for about 10 seconds.





Insert a couple of pine skewers through the elastic bands, so that they hang nicely over a bowl. Secure the skewers to the side of the bowl with tape.

To add colour you need a selection of inks or watered down craft paint. You could also use food colouring.

Use an eyedropper, or dropper provided with ink, to gently drop a small bead of coloured ink along the dampened side of the cards.

Repeat this process for however many colours you want to add to your cards. Carefully remove the elastic and place the cards on a flat surface to dry on their own. As one side dries, turn over so that the cards flatten out.