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Crafty idea for Mother's Day

If you're stumped for ideas for a Mother's Day gift, here's a really nice project - and everyone appreciates a touch of greenery for their home.

K Sarah Designs made a couple of terrariums after seeing a bunch of them on pinterest. I think these little cuties are great for gifts, and because they are filled with succulents, they require very little care - just the occasional watering and a sunny spot.

You will need:

Glass containers or vases
Pebbles or gravel (a variety of sizes would work)
Potting soil
fabric to separate rock & soil layers

Here's how: 

1. Layer pebbles into the bottom of a clean glass vase at least 5 centimetres. This will help with water drainage - plus the layers look pretty!

2. Cut batting or fabric into the shape of the vase, and lay it over the rocks so that it just reaches the edge. Layer about 5 centimetres of slightly damp soil into the container.

3. Arrange your succulents in the container and fill in the gaps with more soil. Lightly water the finished arrangement, and wipe along the inside of the glass to remove any excess water or soil smudges.


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