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How to make your own designer rug

For an article on eco-friendly ways to warm up a home, I wanted to include ideas on how to make your own rug.

I surfed through hundreds of pages before finally stumbling across this project by Vintage Revivals. Of all the projects seen, this is the best! This project uses two different types of carpet; one a short pile and the other a long pile. Both types can be purchased fairly cheap as rugs, but even cheaper if you have some carpets lying around that you can use.


Long and short pile rugs
Pattern or design to work from
Craft knife
Sharp scissors
Carpet tape or duct tape
Black marker pen






The trick to making this designer rug is to cut it out like a jigsaw puzzle and then tape it all back together into one piece.

1. Start off by transferring your design to the back of the long pile carpet with a black marker pen.

2. Use a craft knife or sharp scissors to cut out the pattern. Be prepared for some mess - plenty of mess!

3. Place the long pile cut pieces onto the back of the second rug and draw around these so that you know what sections to cut out.

4. Start to assemble the jigsaw puzzle. Use carpet tape or duct tape to attach all the pieces together. The tape will be on the back, so no one will see it, but if you prefer a neater finish, use spray adhesive to attach a backing fabric to cover up the tape. Although Vintage Revivals doesn't show this in her project, I would finish off around the edges with bias so that the edges are nice and neat.