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Christmas ornaments from recycled light bulbs

A few blown lightbulbs, a few tools and accessories and you can easily make your own gorgeous tree ornaments.


You will need:

Old lightbulbs
Rust-Oleum Crackle Creations
Golden thread
Decorative Ribbon
Dremel glue gun and glue sticks
Silicone mat for glue gun

Here's how:

Step 1
Clean the lightbulb to ensure it is dust free.

Step 2
Spray on the base coat that is supplied with the Crackle Creations kit.


Due to the shape of the bulb you need to continuously turn as you spray to avoid drips and runs.

Pop on a pair of disposable gloves to keep your hands paint free!

Step 3
When dry, spray on the top coat. Again, be aware of the round nature of the bulb and that a thick spray will run.

The thicker the coat the bigger the cracks, but be careful not to spray on to much paint, which will run and drip.

Step 4
Set your Dremel glue gun on 'low' heat setting and then apply hot glue around the base of the bulb. Quickly apply decorative thread and ribbon.

A visit to your local fabric store and you will find a wide variety of ribbons and trims to decorate the around the top of your tree ornament. For our project we choose a ribbon with gold threads and then added a few sparkly details.


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