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Beautiful crafts using paper

I have been following Lia Griffith for quite some time. Using different types of card and paper she crafts some amazing designs for home decor and holidays. With Christmas  just around the corner I thought it might be nice to put together a collection of her decoration and gift ideas for the festive season.



You can make up these simple star decorations using metallic card or foil wrapping paper. Make an assortment of sizes from small to large and hang them up in place of bought decorations, or let them hang from a curtain rod to provide  festive window display.

Why spend a fortune on ribbons and bows when you can make your own unique embellishments. Save on wrapping and have more to spend on gifts is my motto! You can even use this template to make paper bows for the Christmas glee.

It's always difficult to find affordable table decorations, so why not make your own. Stock up on metallic card and foil wrapping papers and make this festive season a crafty one. These metallic Christmas trees are perfect for dressing up the holiday table.

Polystyrene balls wrapped with metallic card makes for inexpensive Christmas tree decorations. Cut out small circles of card and use a hot glue gun to secure onto the balls - or re-purpose old baubles for the tree. 

You can use the same method to make pine cones to hang on the tree or as table decorations.

Turn plain white, pillar candles into wonderful festive candles with printed wrappers. You can download the templates or create your own unique candle wrappers.


Make your own lavender bath salts using dried lavender, lavender essential oil and epsom salts. You will find epsom salts at DisChem or your local pharmacy and it's reasonably priced. Pour scented salts into decorative bottles and add custom labels t that you can print out via your PC printer.

Writing notes and letters is still far more personal than sending an SMS or poking someone on facebook. Revive the romance with a gift set of monogrammed cards and envelopes.

And finally, the perfect gift for someone who loves plants but doesn't have a green thumb. These beautiful succulent arrangements are made using colourful printed card that you can buy or print on your PC printer.


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