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Stepladder = Christmas tree

Last year I shopped around for a new Christmas tree, since mine was starting to lose a few of its branches and looking worse for wear. I was shocked to discover how the price of artificial Christmas trees has gone up so much, especially if you want one that's reasonably life-like. Made me think about alternative ideas for a Christmas tree... like this stepladder Christmas tree. 


Dana at Tattered Style kindly agreed to share her stepladder Christmas tree project with us. Having put up a traditional tree for year, she finally decided to do something different by decorating a stepladder Christmas tree for her home.

Strands of LED fairy lights were wrapped around the legs of the stepladder and you have the choice of using white or coloured lights for your own stepladder Christmas tree.  You will find LED Christmas fairy lights at most stores these days, as they are a far safer and more economical way to light up for the festive season.

Glass votive candles were placed on each rung of the stepladder to add a more authentic touch. If you use votive candles, I would recommend that you choose battery-operated tea candles if there are children in the home. Secure the candleholders to the rungs with Prestik or double-sided tape. 

Make your own Christmas star to top off the tree. Dana used a star that she already had, but you can buy a ready-made star or use offcuts and paint these with Rust-Oleum titanium silver or pure gold spray paint.

Here are a few more stepladder Christmas tree ideas:


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