Crafts with Doilies and Lace

We women love crafting, whether its using decoupage to cover up old items, restoring old furniture, or using our various talents to craft items for our home, or for family and friends.





Every few years crafting seems to quieten down for a bit, only to be resurrected with a new twist and a modern take on age-old crafts.





Using doilies and lace is one of those crafts that appeared to go out of fashion for a while - the kind of craft that only your granny did - and is now back in fashion with a new take on techniques and designs. Ode to inspiration created her own take on an expensive designer cushion using cotton and vintage lace doilies. If you are unable to find vintage doilies, use a weak solution of tea to stain to your desired shade.



1. Cotton doilies are attached to Mason jars with sprayable adhesive. For added protection, once the doily is attached to the jar, spray on two coats of Rust-Oleum 2X clean spray.  



2. Crafty Nest applied a crochet doily to an old cigar box. Mod Podge is perfect for this type of project - you can use it to stick down the doily and then apply more coats to the top to protect the finish.



3. Paper doilies make wonderful gift toppers. Wrap around the gift and finish off with felt designs. 





4. Martha Stewart always has great ideas, and stiffening doilies is a fun way to make your own baskets for a wedding, Valentine or Easter.  You can use a mix of warm water and wood glue to make up a stiffening mix for cotton doilies. Coat the template or bowl you use for the shape with vaseline and then place the soaked doily over the top until dry.  



5. A vintage doily basket via Flickr.



6. Paper doilies look romantic when strung with fairly lights and hung on top of a window.



7. Use doilies to dress up a plain tablecloth. You can attach to a tablecloth with fabric glue or hand sewing.