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Happy Hanukkah craft ideas

To celebrate Hanukkah with our Jewish readers, here are a selection of craft projects that you can easily do to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for family and friends.


Paper Dreidels

Make a paper box shaped like a dreidel to hold candies, nuts, or any other kind of game counter.

Print the template out on card stock, cut out, and stamp or handwrite the four Hebrew characters in the areas that will become the sides. Then fold and glue.


Glittered Dreidel Centerpiece

Coat plain wooden dreidels in fine glitter for a display-worthy centre-piece. Hold each dreidel by its handle and brush all but one side with clear-drying white glue. Sprinkle with glitter, and let dreidel rest on plain side. Once dry, glue and glitter plain side of dreidel and handle. Once dry, arrange dreidels in large glass containers.

Dreidel Gift-Card Holders

Let your Hanukkah gift shine by placing it in a glittered, dreidel-shaped holder.

There are two variations of this card. To start, print out the template, enlarging as desired. Trace twice onto card stock (include dotted line), and cut out. For front-pocket card: Lightly brush 1 dreidel with clear-drying white glue. Sprinkle with glitter; let dry. With a craft knife, cut a slit along dotted line. Brush glue onto edges of second dreidel. Top with glittered dreidel; let dry. For pocket card: Stack 2 dreidels. Sew edges together, leaving top open. Lightly brush 1 side with clear-drying white glue. Sprinkle with glitter; let dry.

Hanukkah Favour Boxes

Silver gelt -- chocolate coins wrapped in foil -- make charming favours when presented in boxes tied with ribbon and a Star of David.

You will need:

Clip art
Heavyweight paper
Bone folder
Star of David craft punch
Silver paper
Narrow satin ribbon
Double-sided tape

Here's how:

1. Download clip art, and print onto matte heavyweight paper; cut out.

2. Score along dotted lines with a bone folder. For straight lines, use a ruler for guidance.

3. Fold box, first along straight lines, then on one end to close. Fill box with gelt. Close open end.

4. Using craft punch, punch out a star from silver paper.

5. Wrap ribbon around box, and secure with a star using double-sided tape.

6. Trim ends of ribbon on the diagonal.

Star- Punched paper Hurricane Lamps

Hurricane vases and votive candle holders are wrapped in star-punched paper -- an easy way to suffuse your party with atmosphere.

Your will need:

Decorative paper
Hurricane vase
Large sponge
Large upholstery needle
Double-sided tape

1. Draw out the star shape on a piece of tracing paper. 

2. Cut decorative paper so it's flush with the top of hurricane vase and the paper ends overlap by about 10mm. 

3. Lay traced shape on top of decorative paper, then place both on top of dry sponge. Use upholstery to transfer the pattern. 

4. Wrap paper around hurricane vase, and secure with tape.


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