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Make your own quick and easy gift boxes

Buying gift boxes has become very, very expensive. Even a simple gift box can cost from R30 upwards. To make your own gift boxes you only need colourful or patterened card and a few other items. And you can even make your own colourful card by using your PC printer.


I found these cutie gift boxes in Ideas Mag, one of my favourite magazines. They really do have some clever and creative project ideas.


Scissors or craft knife and cutting mat
Double-sided tape

*If you are using your PC printer to print out your card, make sure the card is thin enough to go through.


1. Use the template to cut out your coloured card, or print out the template on your PC printer. Cut out carefully with scissors or a craft knife and cutting mat. You need to be exact when cutting out the petals at the top, as these hold the box closed once assembled.

2. Fold along all the fold lines, making sure that the side that will show is on the outside or facing you. Apply a small bead of craft glue to the joining edges and hold together with a peg until dry.

3. Fold the bottom of the box by starting with the side shaped like an 'H'. Fold in the two smaller flaps and finally the larger flap.

4. With the base complete, fold the top flower petals back and bend slightly so that you can slot the flower sides into each other.

Now that you've seen how easy it is to make your own gift box - you'll never have to buy one!


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