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Christmas decor ideas on a budget

If there is one thing to be learned from the Scandinavians, it's how to decorate stylish interiors on a frugal budget. You only have to take a look at Danish and Swedish home decor and design magazines to see how they manage to transform stunning interiors using the most basic furniture and accessories.


We decided to put together a collection of Scandinavian homes decorated for the festive season to show you how decorating your home with simple style not only looks stunning, but also costs a lot less than going over the top with decorations and trimming.

Stunning white interiors always look good - no matter what the season. But an all-white home is not everyone's cup of tea, especially if you have small children and love pets, unless you all have an affinity for slipcovered furniture!

But it's not just about white, it's about decorating a home for the festive season in a simple style that is not overdone - more understated elegance. Think homemade with love to add decor that adds a personal touch to your home for the holidays. Straw ornaments for the tree and decor for the home; hand sewn tree decorations or home baked goodies.

This year rather than forking out for a new Christmas tree look at how you can bring the festive atmosphere into your home in different ways. ABOVE: I absolutely love the idea of hanging a huge Christmas tree artwork that can be mounted anywhere in the home.

You can do so much with paper... brown paper, white paper, wrapping paper and even newspaper. Recycle paper for wrapping gifts, making garlands to decorate the home, or for trimmings for the Christmas tree.

Make your own Christmas tree ornaments from items you already have in the home or that won't cost that much. You can start your own holiday tradition by using small embroidery frames and embellish these with cross-stitch designs, or use last year's wrapping paper and some card to cut out shapes.


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