Custom framed art and fabric

If you come across a piece of fabric that you love, one that would look great on the walls of your home - frame it!

Framed fabric and prints is just one of the easy ways to add interest to a plain wall, or create an instant feature on a wall.

Using any fabric samples that you have, cut them to fit existing frames, spray painted card stock for each (reusing backsides of an old calendar), and frame the fabric showing both front and back patterns to create a new focal point for a boring wall.

Designer Lynda Quintero-Davids shows us how easy it is to create your own framed fabric wall art.


Card for backing and mats
Spray paint for mats
Craft knife
Double-sided tape
Duct tape




Step 1
After spray painting the card stock (or you could use poster board), I cut it to fit on the matt - it also added a layer to the framing. I choose metallic gold to pair it with silver frames to show a more modern metal mix in my refreshed space.

Step 2
Use a craft knife to cut all the card and backing to fit your frames. Here's a view of all the cardstock cut to size and placed over the gold sprayed backing.

Step 3
A view of the cardstock and gold backing with the fabric swatches cut and placed. These are now ready for mounting into the frames. Attach the fabric with small squares of double-sided tape to keep it in place.

Step 4
Clean the frames nicely before mounting and then place everything into the frame. The back is easily secured with strips of duct tape.