Make a heart wreath for Valentine's Day

Feeling all soppy and romantic this year? Or perhaps you would like to do something different this year. Crafty Sisters have a wonderful red felt heart wreath that is fairly simple and only requires a few basic crafting tools.



Piece of hardboard, plywood or even stiff cardboard cut to your heart shape.

Fleecy fabric to cover

Red felt


Glue gun

Upholstery or drawing pins





Step 1
Cut a piece of fleece to the same shape as your heart backing and use a glue gun to attach to the backing.

Step 2
Leave a small opening to be able to pad the heart with batting and then glue this closed.

Step 3
I added a few drawing pins to keep the fleece and stuffing down.

Step 4
traced the circles, and cut. I used pinking shears and like the result. 

Step 5
Each circle was folded twice and dabbed with a little glue from the glue gun to help hold the shape. You need to hold the folded fabric until the glue sets.  I then put more glue on the bottom and attached the folded circle to the wreath, starting with the outer edge.

Step 6
I finished it off with a silver ribbon saved from Christmas packages and flecked it with some silver glitter spray.