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Make party favour boxes

Hosting a party or celebration can cost a fortune. Simply by making your own party favour boxes you will save a substantial amount. Plus, these party favour boxes are also ideal as gift boxes.


Coloured card
Decorative paper
Small piece of acetate or plastic
Craft knife and cutting mat
Sticky tape or double-sided tape
Square punch (or use a craft knife and cutting mat)


Use a sharp craft knife to cut out the card using this template. Neatly fold and press down the folded edges.

Use sticky tape or double-sided tape to attach a piece of patterned paper onto the inside of the box.

Place the bottom part of the punch underneath the card. Place the top part of the punch on top of the card and punch out a window. If you prefer, you can also use a craft knife to cut out the window in the card.

Cut a small piece of card and attach a piece of plastic sheet and attach this inside the cut-out window using double-sided tape.

Assemble the box with double-sided tape along the side.

Attach a small adhesive strip on the side of the top of the box before closing it. Decorate with pegs and ribbon, or dress up for a special occasion.


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