How to make fabric roses

Make your own fabric roses that look great in any fabric and can be applied to various projects. Fabric scraps and old clothes are perfect for making fabric roses and you can add as accents on shirts, hats, headbands and lamps.



Start with a long strip of fabric and fold it in half length wise. At one end, roll it up a few times.

For a more textured flower, twist the fabric as you continue to wrap it up.

Hold the back of the fabric roses with your fingers as you continue to wrap.

Twist and wrap until you have the desired size for your fabric rose.

When you reach the end, insert a few pins to hold everything in place.

Use a hot glue gun to glue the back side of the fabric rose to secure all the sections. If you wish, you can glue on a piece of fabric for backing.

Remove all the pins, and you’re done!