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Scrap fabric ideas for Christmas decor

So many ideas... so little time! I have decided to go au naturelle this festive season and make as many of my own festive decorations as possible. I already made up a whole batch of nativity scene ornaments and I'm busy using the same method to make Christmassy ones as well, but also decided to take a look at making scrap fabric wreaths and garlands.


I am amazed at how many ideas there are on the Internet for making your own fabric Christmas ornaments, garlands and even fabric scrap Christmas trees. And what's even more fun is that you don't even need to know how to sew to make most of these festive decorations!

The polystyrene wreaths that you buy a local craft and hobby shops aren't very eco-friendly, so I definitely like the idea of using rope to create the circular frame for this fabric scrap wreath. Rope forms the circle and is then wrapped with more rope to hold in place. Scraps of fabric are attached to the rope circle using small knots.

Another idea for making the frame for your wreath is to use a pool noodle! Cut the pool noodle down to size and use duct tape to join the sections together. Cover with a sticky bandage and you're good to go.

You can also use rope and fabric scraps to create your own wonderful festive garlands, as opposed to bought decorations - and the look so good.



Most fabric stores have an offcut bit or end-of-roll fabrics at discount prices, so if you don't have any fabric scraps you can normally pick up a few affordable pieces. Old clothes are another source of scrap fabric for making your own festive garlands.

If you really want to decorate naturally this festive season, you could even make your own fabric scrap Christmas tree.

Using medium-gauge wire that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse, make up a frame for your fabric scrap Christmas tree. Cut scraps of fabric in a single colour, or use a variety of colours and patterns for your own unique fabric scrap Christmas tree.

Making tree ornaments using fabric scraps is a fun project that the kids can do during the school holidays. Re-purpose damaged ornaments, use plastic or polystyrene balls and ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer to stick the fabric onto the ornaments.

If you enjoy sewing then you might like to make your own felt ornaments for the Christmas tree. Craft and hobby shops sell small felt squares that are used for crafts and you can usually pick up a pack of coloured squares at reasonable prices.


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