Fabric wrapped coat hangers

Wrapping your plastic hangers in colourful fabric scraps gives them a refreshing and charming appeal. You can wrap them up roughly so that the loose threads are visible, or wrap them tightly for a cleaner look.


Plastic hangers are pretty boring when it comes to colour choices; you can choose from white red, blue, yellow, black or green. Oh, and silver.


Plastic coat hangers
Double-sided tape
Fabric of PVA glue
Cutting pliers if you need to remove any excess bits that aren't needed




1. Wrap the double-sided tape tightly around the hangers. Wrap around the hanger and the entire frame of the coat hanger.

2. Starting at the top, begin wrapping your fabric strip very tightly around the hanger.

3. Add a blob of fabric or PVA glue to secure the end of the fabric.