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Fold serviettes for a pretty table setting

Unique serviette folds can make a table setting extra entertaining. I'm happy to show you these fantastic fillable pouch serviettes by Matthew Mead . They are a perfect way to deliver Easter treats !


Matthew turned a simple cream-coloured linen dinner serviettes into a beautiful creation! Enjoy this simple how-to fold a serviette pouch tutorial.


  1. Iron all serviettes flat.
  2. Fold serviettes on the diagonal.
  3. Fold straight edge of the serviettes halfway toward the point.
  4. Fold the left side in to the centre.
  5. Fold the right side into the centre.
  6. Fold remaining points down… one to the front and one to the back.
  7. Use the finished pouch to fill with table favours.


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