Custom drum light shades

Create contemporary kitchen island lighting with easy-to-make custom fabric-covered drum shades on pendant fixtures.



shade and fitting
Fabric to cover shade
Trim for shade
Fabric pen
Fabric glue
Masking tape




1. Measure Up
Measure diameter of shade and add 4cm to the measurement to determine length to cut fabric. Measure height of shade then subtract 1cm from measurement for width to cut fabric.

2. Mark up
Using adjusted shade measurements, trace length across width of fabric with temporary fabric pen. Cut along traced line to create bottom edge of panel. Measure up from bottom and cut edge of panel using adjusted height measurement. Trace a line parallel to the bottom edge along this height. Cut along traced line and cut ends to create fabric panel.

3. Stick it down
Run a bead of fabric glue along end of panel on wrong side of fabric. Press glued fabric onto shade at seam. Secure fabric end to shade with masking tape to hold in place as glue dries. Brush fabric glue to top and bottom edges of shade, working on both edges in 3 to 4cm sections at a time. Wrap fabric panel snugly around shade, pressing sides of fabric onto glue.

Brush glue onto underside of fabric panel end. Press firmly onto shade, creating finished edge at shade seam. Glue trim to outer edges of shade, starting at shade seam. Brush shade edges with glue, wrapping trim around diameter of shade, working in 3 to 4cm sections.

4. Finishing off
Once trim is wrapped around shade, create finished end by turning trim end under 1cm and glue to shade at seam.