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Making wall art with Dremel Moto Saw

Balsa wood is a very soft wood that is used for hobbies. Because it is so soft, Balsa wood is ideal for making your own decorative words for hanging onto walls or creating a unique display. In this project we show you how to cut out using a Dremel Moto Saw.



To make our family photo display we are going to cut out the word 'family' in our piece of Balsa wood. Trace the design onto the balsa using a soft pencil. Use a design from the Internet or be creative and freehand your own design.

Using a Dremel MultiTool, use a drill bit to drill holes in the areas where interior cuts need to be made. These holes will allow you to easily insert the thin blade of the Moto Saw to cut out these sections.

When making interior cuts, put the blade through the pilot hole and secure into your Moto-Saw. It's easier to start with the interior cuts and leave the outer cuts until last. Use the MS52 fine wood cutting blade. After cutting, sand smooth with 240-grit sandpaper. To finish your cut out wording, paint with acrylic in your choice of colour and use Prestik to adhere to the wall.


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