Make your own doily lamp shades

In part one we showed you how to use lace to create a lamp shade. In our second part of making your own lamp shades, we show you how to use lace doilies to make a ceiling pendant.



If you prefer to make a circular ceiling pendant with doilies or lace, blow up a circular balloon and tie off. Arrange the doilies on the balloon to completely cover up, but allowing for an opening at the top and at one side.

Put a drop sheet down and hang your balloon over it. Place a pipe where it can hang freely - in this project they rested a pipe on top of kitchen counters to hang the balloon. Coat the balloon with vaseline to stop the doilies from sticking.

Mix together half a cup of warm water and half a cup of wood glue and use a paint brush to spread in a thin layer over the doilies. Wrap the doilies over the balloon, making sure the open edges overlap to close the design and sew together. Don't close up the top as you will need this opening. Brush more of the mixture onto the outside.

Leave it to dry for 24 hours then pop your balloon!