Docking block

Knock a couple of chips off the old block and create your own unique docking pad for your cellphone or ipod. Great gift idea for Father's Day - get crafting!

Re-connect with nature as you charge your devices. Will Salley strolls through his local forest looking for interesting and unusual pieces of wood for his creations - a range of iPod docking stations, desk organizers and USB sticks that are offered for sale on Etsy. Once selection, each piece is taken to his workshop.

Salley never paints his wooden works or attempts to alter their raw, organic looks. He remains constantly amazed at the uniqueness of each piece. "I hope that these natural designs serve as a daily reminder of our connection to nature. It is so easy to forget this in our busy lives, especially when we are surrounded by technology all day. Marrying that technology with raw nature helps us find balance within our lives," says Salley. In speaking with him, his love for his work becomes wholly obvious. And enviable.




1. Find a suitable piece of wood to work with. Spend some time stripping off old bark and sanding until silky smooth with 240-grit sandpaper.

2. Use a Drill/Driver and a 10mm wood bit to 'chisel' out the various holders that you want in the block. It could be a docking station, a pen holder, even a tee caddy for avid golfing dads. Use your imagination!

3. Use a steel file to even out the opening and then finish off by sanding by hand, or if you own a Dremel Multitool, use a sanding attachment to create a smooth surface.