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Display your Christmas cards

Everyone needs a place to display or hang their Christmas cards and this masonite or hardboard Christrmas tree is easy to make and you can buy half a sheet at your local Builders. Then all you need are some upholstery pins or decorative tacks and colourful wood or embroidery thread.

Very easy to make, simply draw your shape onto the masonite or hardboard and cut out with a jigsaw. You can use white masonite or natural finish masonite or hardboard and paint yourself using a paintbrush or foam roller.

Add a touch more festive flair to your Christmas tree card display with a dash of Rust-Oleum Glitter spray in gold, green, red or silver. You will find the full range of Rust-Oleum products at your local Builders store. Masonite or hardboard is lightweight, so you can quite easily use Prestik to mount the board onto the wall.

Use a hammer to tap in decorative upholstery pins at 10 centimetre intervals down the sides, close to the edge so that the edges of the wool or thread can be secured at the back of the board with a staple. You will find various types of pins and tacks at fabric stores or craft and hobby shops. 

Wrap colourful wool or embroidery thread in a diagonal pattern across the front of the tree. Now you are ready to put your Christmas cards out on display.


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