Revamp a coffee or side table

Self-adhesive vinyl is a fun way to add detail to a plain coffee or side table. And when you want a change you can simply peel it off and stick on another design.



Side tables or coffee table - painted black for best effect.
Large sheets of newspaper or brown paper.
Self-adhesive vinyl - bamboo or wood print.
Contact adhesive
Images of flowers
Double-sided sellotape
Masking tape
Pencil, ruler and eraser
Tape measure
Sharp scissors
Craft knife and cutting mat
Foam paintbrush




1. Source photos of flowers you want to use (or draw your own freehand) and make a rough sketch of your design.

2. Measure your tables and make sure your paper is going to be big enough for your design.

3. Trace the outline of the flower onto newspaper or brown paper, then cut it out. I found using a craft knife to be faster than scissors. Use whatever tool you’re more comfortable with.

4. Tape the flower to the table to visualize your pattern and decide the size of your next flower. Make sure the tables look good from every angle.

5. Draw a line in each flower where the edge of the table is. Line up this line with the grain on the self-adhesive vinyl. Keep the veneer grain consistent throughout your project. Then tape each pattern to the self-adhesive vinyl and trace it with a pencil.

6. Cut it out the shape with sharp scissors. Use a craft knife and a mat to cut out each centre.

7. Using a ruler, mark and trim off the pieces that will be adhered to the sides of the tables.

8. For the flower that crosses over the two tables, cut it in half along the edge. Then trace and cut a duplicate of each piece. These will be adhered to the sides of the tables.

9. Erase all the visible pencil marks.

10. Trim off excess pieces. If you have any pieces that extend from the side of the table to the leg, cut at the seam so the leg will still be removable.

11. Peel of the backing and place each piece individually on your table. Press down from the centre outwards to remove any air bubbles.