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How to make dainty ribbon bows

Here's a clever tutorial that shows how to make your own dainty ribbon bows, using a single colour or two colours. This method is perfect for ribbons for small gifts, popping onto an envelope, using as an embellishment for scrapbooking, and for gluing onto a hair clip or barette.


The method for making small bows uses a 4-tine fork. To start off you simply thread the ribbon over and under the tines as shown left. Hold the left ribbon firmly in your hand. Work from left to right.

Take the thread back to the starting point threading in the opposite direction - right to left. Repeat this process again.

Repeat another thread so that you have a length of ribbon on the left and on the right.

Using a second ribbon in a constrasting colour, or in the same colour, thread the ends through the underside of the fork - on either side of the woven ribbon strands.

Secure with a tight knot to hold all the woven strands together securely.

Cut off the excess lengths of ribbon on both sides.

Carefully slide the ribbon strands off the fork.



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