Gift idea for Father's Day

A braai apron is something that every dad will appreciate, especially when you add your own unique message!



Rust-Oleum Paint Pens in assorted colours + white
Heavy white cotton or linen
Cotton strap or tape
Sewing machine and accessories - or hand sew
Iron-on webbing
Stencil or design




1. Cut out the shape for the apron. Rather make it bigger rather than smaller.

2. Fold over a 2cm hem all the way around and affix iron-on webbing using a warm iron.

3. Attach straps for the ties and neck. These can be sewn on by hand or with a sewing machine.

4. Use a warm iron to press flat. Lay the apron on a clean piece of cardboard.

5. Use a pencil to lightly draw or trace the design onto the front of the apron. Use a white paint pen to paint around the outline. This will prevent the paint from running into the fabric.

6. Apply the main colour and let this dry. Apply a dark outline to the main colour for best effect.

7. Once completely dry, place the fabric face down on a piece of cardboard and go over the back of your design with a warm iron - to seal the paint to the fabric.

When washing, use warm water and hand wash.