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Make a cardboard cupcake stand

I am so in love with this little cutey. The project was designed by Sweetly Sweet and is made using coloured card. Instead of forking out to buy a cupcake stand, you can print our your designs to match a themed party.



Here's how:

1. Print on bright white heavy paper.

2. Cut a rectangle around the base of the stand using a rotary cutter.

3. Use a scoring tool to score along the white lines.

4. Fold the base in a zig-zag way, like you were folding a fan.

5. Form the shape of the base with the pattern on the outside. Make sure they align.

6. Start gluing sides one by one, starting with the second fold. (Leave the two outer parts for the end.) Make sure to put glue all the way to the edges and that all the parts are aligned.

7. Cut the top part while you let the glue dry. Carefully cut away the white semi ovals of the base.

8. Place a heavy glue on the edges on top of the base. Place the top part on a flat surface upside down. Glue the base to the top align the legs of the base with the petals.

Now you have sturdy, neat and cute mini cupcake stands to match your party!


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