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Cupcake fairy lights

How pretty are these cupcake fairy lights. They are inexpensive to make and you can mix up the colours to suit any special occasion or party. All you need are paper cupcake liners and LED fairy lights. It's important to use LED lights as they generate very little heat. Thanks to oh happy day for this wonderful project.



Cupcake liners, small and large
Fairy lights
Craft knife


Making the cupcake fairy lights is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Fold the cupcake liner in half twice to cut out a leaf shape.

2. Fold a different colour cupcake liner in half three times. With the folded point at the bottom, cut out a petal shape.

3. For the larger petal shape, fold four time and cut out edges around the top.

Use a craft knife to cut a small 'X' in the centre of each leaf and petal for fitting them onto your fairy lights. Layer them with the small leaf on the bottom, the smaller petal, a larger petal, and a complete cupcake liner to finish off.

Mix up the shapes for variation and colours to create a pretty garland for your next special event.


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