How to crochet a lampshade

If I hadn't seen these beautiful crochet lampshades when writing this article I would have laughed. Who on earth would want a crochet lampshade? Now I am seriously considering making up a crochet lampshade for me dressing room. Not being good at crochet, it's going to be a bit of trial and error, but have seen so many other crafters making the attempt, there's no shame in trying.

Meg in Norway, on solgrim, shows how she made a charming crochet lampshade. Having come across an old lampshade in the thrift shop and Because every lampshade frame is going to be different, it is definitely a case of figuring out a pattern as you work around the frame.

Start by casting on to the bottom of the lampshade frame. As you can see, Meg used a decorative shell pattern that is staggered as it moves up row by row. Using the cast on stitches as a starting point, see the video below for more information on shell stitches.

While Meg started out using a yellow cotton yarn. Not happy with that, she changed to a slightly thicker yarn in a fuchsia pink.



Depending upon the shape of the lampshade, you will need to decrease stitches as you head towards the top of the lampshade frame.

If you want to find out how to do a crochet shell stitch, see the video below.