Recycled crochet rug

Crocheting rugs from recycled sheets, comforter covers and pillow cases is simple and the results are great! The rug is heavy-weight and can be thrown into the washing machine for cleaning. Plus it's just a great feeling to make a gorgeous rug from rags.....what more can I say? I actually made this rug over a year ago, and now decided to share it!

I used a size 9mm hook, though do a test to see what works for you.....the crocheting should be tight enough so that there aren't holes, (unless you like how it looks) .

This rug was crocheted from both solid sheets (the centre pink and blue) and patterned ones too, and I love the combination! The speckled orange ring just after the pink ring was made from striped sheets, so don't be afraid to use patterns!

You can make it relatively quickly, and if you start now you could even make a few in time for holiday gift giving! And if you're not up for a rug, so how about a round stool or ottoman cover....that you could whip up in a few hours!

There are several way to crochet with old sheets, and I've chosen the easiest method for my first project, namely not worrying about hiding the rough edges. The look is very shabby chic/vintage and perfect for summer. And as you can see I'm crocheting with a very large hollow plastic crochet hook, which is why my crocheting has so many holes! I should probably use a hook just a bit smaller, but I don't have one, or make my strips thicker, so there you have it!

In any case, if this becomes a rug, I think the holes will be great for helping the rug not to retain as much dust and dirt.

Now before you start dreaming of crocheted rugs everywhere, I should tell you that you'll need quite a few sheets! This little pillow front/rug? measures only 40cm across and was made with 1 twin fitted sheet. The ball that's attached to the work was made with the matching pillow case. While crocheting with sheets is novel, it definitely doesn't flow like crocheting with yarn, and it's even a bit of hard work at times! Not to discourage you, just do realize that making a rug will be a nice summer project to do over the course of several weeks, unless you are obsessed like me, and then you can probably do one in a couple of days, depending on what other demands you have!


Lots of sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers (the best, actually).
Giant sized crochet hook.
Some free time.
A refreshing summer drink, and someone to refill your drink.




You can prepare your 'yarn' ahead of time, or take turns preparing and crocheting which is my preference.

  1. Remove all elastic from fitted sheets and cut corner seem so you'll haveĀ  a flat piece. Sheets should be torn into roughly 2cm strips, make small cuts in top of sheet and tear! Kids love doing this, so enlist their help!

  2. Join strips by cutting small slits in each end and then joining with slip knot. (Pull strip A through strip B just a bit, and then pull the long end of strip A through itself. To attach a prepared ball to work in progress you'll need to make a slit big enough to slip the whole ball through, but this gets lost in the crocheting, so don't worry.