Decorative gift cards

There are so many ways to make your own gift cards. In this project, Grateful Prayer shows us how to make a crocheted wreath to decorate plain cards to create a gift card that really says "Thank You".


Crochet Wreath


Acrylic or cotton yarn
G crochet hook
Glue gun




Click here for basic crochet stitches
chain 6
Join with slip st in 1st chain to form circle
Ch 1
15-17 (depending how tight you want your wreath) single crochets in ring
Slip st in first sc
Finish off
Knot ends and cut away extra yarn.

Valentine Hearts
With Valentine's Day just a month away, try your hand at making these lovely heart gift cards for a loved one.

I made a card in neutral tones. After layering several coordinating papers, IĀ  glued snippets of ecru lace and paper embellishments for a horizontalĀ  card.

You will need:

Embroidery floss
D crochet hook

The hearts can be made larger by using heavier yarn and a bigger hook in whatever colour you want.

Here's how:

All stitches worked into the first chain.
Ch 4. Work 3 tr (triple crochet) into first ch, 3 dc, ch 1, 1 tr, ch 1, 3 dc, 3 tr. Ch 3, sl st into centre and fasten off.