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Paper flowers for wedding or display

Don't you just love these gorgeous paper flowers. They look so delicate and life like. These paper flowers are perfect for dressing a table for a special occasion, wedding or event, or even to add a splash of colour to a home.



Thin white paper
Green crepe paper
Craft paints and paint brush
Craft knife and cutting mat
Masking tape and florist's tape
Small piece of wire
2 cardboard tubes (from wrapping paper or kitchen towels)



Step 1
Cut the paper to a width of about 10cm. Use craft paint to apply a shaded colour from the top to the bottom. Make it darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. Let this dry. Place on a cutting mat and use a craft knife to cut the strips. Make each strip about 5mm wide.

Step 2
Wrap the cut piece around a two cardboard tubes to curve and shape as shown left.

Step 3
Starting at one end, wrap the paper to create the shape of the flower. Use a small piece of masking tape to secure the end for now.

Step 4
Cut the leaf shapes out of green crepe paper. The length of each leaf should be about 12cm long.

Step 5
Using masking tape, place the individual leaves around the flower and secure with masking tape.

Step 6
Cut a small section of cork and secure this onto doubled-thickness wire. Twist the wire to hold the cork in place and then thread through the centre of your flower.

Step 7
Use florist's tape to wrap around, adding a leaf on the stem for detail.


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